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Top 5 Benefits of Social Media for Business

Once upon a time, business was a face to face thing. Consumers purchase at physical stores while service providers advertise their products on a very limited media. The rise of the social media world had a lot of skepticisms from the past generation, backlashing that it is a fake socialization and will not do anything good for younger generations. But as time ticks away from the clock, the world has become a virtual one.

Now, more than 2 billion people in the world have social media accounts. According to a statistic report, 37% of internet users follow their favorite brands on social media while 30% manage social media accounts to research for different products.

With more modernized people, social media has been an outlet of business and commerce.

Here are top 5 reasons why social media is good for your business.

1. Brand awareness. People all over the world can research your brand with just one click from their screens. This can bring your brand’s name worldwide, and in return, gaining more and more followers or consumers.

2. Great customer experience. Almost all consumers go to social media accounts for faster transactions and inquiries. Having a social media account can help you build a good name for your business through being responsive on questions and complaints (if there is any). By being proactive on these discussions, you can boost the trust of these consumers.

3. Advertisement. Brands used to pay celebrities thousands of money to help them promote their brand. But now, all because of social media, laypeople can advertise products for free, gaining more trust and good name. Aside from social ads being inexpensive, it is also a powerful tool since some people would believe the words of a non-celebrities more compared to the paid advertisements. Social ads can also trigger the curiosity of people, especially if these ads always pop up on their social media accounts. This can promote consumerist behaviors.

4. Marketing analysis. Having social media gives you honest trends. This can help you direct or redirect marketing strategies by basing on these trends, and achieving a greater sales impact in return. This can also help you track what your competitors are doing. Having this knowledge can help you assess their good points and work on their missed points.

5. Humanizing of brands. For years, people have been skeptical due to the big and faceless corporations. But because social media enables free information sharing, more people are becoming consumers. Real interaction also helps build relationship between the brand and the customers. These relationships can promote increase in sales, increase in good feedbacks, and even increase the conversion rate of the business. Maintaining an open line means reaching more people.

Social media is a powerful tool. Using it on your advantage can close many gaps and limitations to your business. Innovate, craft new ideas through research. Maintain a professional relationship with your clients. Bad company review? That’s okay, we can never please everyone. Just make sure to use these honest feedbacks and reviews as an inspiration to be better. Always keep an open mind and always give your 100%, after all, social media won’t be enough to do everything for you. Social media will only supplement some needs of the business, not run it for you. Social media makes

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What to Know About Pokemon Go APK

There are thousands of different app games available in play stores. People across the globe have distinct preferences in choosing a game to spend time with during their leisure hours. This year, another interesting game has become known to millions of gamers and that is called the Pokemon Go. In fact, this game takes another level as it introduces the newest version which is the Pokemon Go APK or 0.43.4 APK.

What’s the Catch?

Pokemon Go gives a thrill to the gamers when a character starts entering the 5 levels. They have the chance to select 3 teams that represent faction of various colors: blue for Mystic teams, red (Valor team), and yellow (for Instinct). These three teams represent the mechanics of PvP game, in fighting for Pokemon Gym areas that are scattered across the country.

Pokemon Gym mastery is the ultimate strategy to gain Pokecoins IAP currencies. This will be used in buying different items that range from:

  • Upgrade bag
  • Bundle Pokeball
  • Pokemon inviter
  • Machine incubator
  • And many others.

This game is totally different from other typical games introduced in Android Play store. The challenge brought by the need to catch monsters entices the players to focus on playing the game. In addition, there are still other reasons why many want to play Pokemon Go. Its features will tell how it works:

Pokemon Go APK 0.43.4 for Android Special Features

  • Android device compatibility having 2GB RAM and more
  • Android Versions 4.4 – 6.0 installed
  • Hatching, evolving, catching and a lot more.
  • Free to download and play
  • Defending the Gym and taking on Gym battles
  • Compatible with some specific table devices
  • Compatibility with devices that have GPS capabilities
  • Compatibility with devices having connection to Wi-Fi networks only
  • Provides in-game purchases
  • Free to play
  • Optimized for all smartphone devices
  • Search various Pokemon monsters and other items

Pokemon Go APK is highly recommended to be played while the device is connected to a certain network. This is to achieve the correct information of the location.

Today, it is already possible to share Android games and apps for free in APK file formats. There are specific app sites that help people obtain the newest versions of these apps and games including the older versions.

Pokemon GO is one of the coolest games in the modern years of gaming technology. Download the latest version Pokemon Go APK 0.43.4 to see what this game can offer.

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How to connect ShowBox to your TV using Chromecast

What is ShowBox?

ShowBox is an app for android in which we can stream free movies and TV shows. It is regarded as one of the best free android apps as it allows the users to watch videos in HD for free. The ShowBox app is not available on the Google Playstore so the users need to download it to the device from some other websites. We can download the app from many other authenticated sites. We can run ShowBox on our Mac or PC. To run ShowBox app on the pc, we need an android app player like BlueStacks.


Introduction to Chromecast

It is a simple piece of tech but has many applications. Basically, it is dongle which you can connect to your TV which converts it into a sort of smart TV. We can connect the chromecast to our TV using the HDMI. We can stream the online media on the TV by connecting it to our android or iOS device using chromecast. The chromecast can casts anything on the TV that is being available over another device while both the TV and the device are connected.

Steps to connect ShowBox to the TV using Chromecast

There are few steps that you need to follow in order to connect the ShowBox app to the TV with the help of the chromecast. Follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, connect the TV with the chromecast dongle and complete the initial installation. This is necessary in case you want to start functioning of Chromecast.
  2. Now, load up the ShowBox app on the phone or tab.
  3. Select the movie or TV show you need to watch on the big screen of your TV.
  4. When the ShowBox app asks for the player to stream on, select another player.
  5. Now, click on watch now. At this stage we need an app to find other players to cast the video, namely AllCast, which will find the device connected with chromecast and selects it as the player.
  6. Open the AllCast app to find the device connected to chromecast.
  7. Select the device by its name.

Finally, the content will be visible over your TV screens.

Apps for ShowBox

There are some apps that are used to make the operations on the ShowBox app done easily. Some of those are as follows:

  • AllCast- It helps to find the chrome cast connected device while using ShowBox app.
  • MxPlayer- It can be used as casting app for ShowBox. It plays the video and allows the content to be shared with the Chromecast.
  • GrowBox – GrowBox is an android app specially designed for ShowBox to enable casting apps. It operates the same way as MxPlayer, whenever it is installed on the Smartphone or tab. ShowBox usually supports MX Player as “Other Player”, but by simply clicking share on GrowBox we can make GrowBox pretend as MX Player for ShowBox.
  • MovieBox – MovieBox is another mas app when it comes to online video streaming. You can free download this app from their official marketplace.

Some other apps like BubbleUpnP can also be used as casting apps for ShowBox.



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