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What to Know About Pokemon Go APK

There are thousands of different app games available in play stores. People across the globe have distinct preferences in choosing a game to spend time with during their leisure hours. This year, another interesting game has become known to millions of gamers and that is called the Pokemon Go. In fact, this game takes another level as it introduces the newest version which is the Pokemon Go APK or 0.43.4 APK.

What’s the Catch?

Pokemon Go gives a thrill to the gamers when a character starts entering the 5 levels. They have the chance to select 3 teams that represent faction of various colors: blue for Mystic teams, red (Valor team), and yellow (for Instinct). These three teams represent the mechanics of PvP game, in fighting for Pokemon Gym areas that are scattered across the country.

Pokemon Gym mastery is the ultimate strategy to gain Pokecoins IAP currencies. This will be used in buying different items that range from:

  • Upgrade bag
  • Bundle Pokeball
  • Pokemon inviter
  • Machine incubator
  • And many others.

This game is totally different from other typical games introduced in Android Play store. The challenge brought by the need to catch monsters entices the players to focus on playing the game. In addition, there are still other reasons why many want to play Pokemon Go. Its features will tell how it works:

Pokemon Go APK 0.43.4 for Android Special Features

  • Android device compatibility having 2GB RAM and more
  • Android Versions 4.4 – 6.0 installed
  • Hatching, evolving, catching and a lot more.
  • Free to download and play
  • Defending the Gym and taking on Gym battles
  • Compatible with some specific table devices
  • Compatibility with devices that have GPS capabilities
  • Compatibility with devices having connection to Wi-Fi networks only
  • Provides in-game purchases
  • Free to play
  • Optimized for all smartphone devices
  • Search various Pokemon monsters and other items

Pokemon Go APK is highly recommended to be played while the device is connected to a certain network. This is to achieve the correct information of the location.

Today, it is already possible to share Android games and apps for free in APK file formats. There are specific app sites that help people obtain the newest versions of these apps and games including the older versions.

Pokemon GO is one of the coolest games in the modern years of gaming technology. Download the latest version Pokemon Go APK 0.43.4 to see what this game can offer.

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