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Top 5 Benefits of Social Media for Business

Once upon a time, business was a face to face thing. Consumers purchase at physical stores while service providers advertise their products on a very limited media. The rise of the social media world had a lot of skepticisms from the past generation, backlashing that it is a fake socialization and will not do anything good for younger generations. But as time ticks away from the clock, the world has become a virtual one.

Now, more than 2 billion people in the world have social media accounts. According to a statistic report, 37% of internet users follow their favorite brands on social media while 30% manage social media accounts to research for different products.

With more modernized people, social media has been an outlet of business and commerce.

Here are top 5 reasons why social media is good for your business.

1. Brand awareness. People all over the world can research your brand with just one click from their screens. This can bring your brand’s name worldwide, and in return, gaining more and more followers or consumers.

2. Great customer experience. Almost all consumers go to social media accounts for faster transactions and inquiries. Having a social media account can help you build a good name for your business through being responsive on questions and complaints (if there is any). By being proactive on these discussions, you can boost the trust of these consumers.

3. Advertisement. Brands used to pay celebrities thousands of money to help them promote their brand. But now, all because of social media, laypeople can advertise products for free, gaining more trust and good name. Aside from social ads being inexpensive, it is also a powerful tool since some people would believe the words of a non-celebrities more compared to the paid advertisements. Social ads can also trigger the curiosity of people, especially if these ads always pop up on their social media accounts. This can promote consumerist behaviors.

4. Marketing analysis. Having social media gives you honest trends. This can help you direct or redirect marketing strategies by basing on these trends, and achieving a greater sales impact in return. This can also help you track what your competitors are doing. Having this knowledge can help you assess their good points and work on their missed points.

5. Humanizing of brands. For years, people have been skeptical due to the big and faceless corporations. But because social media enables free information sharing, more people are becoming consumers. Real interaction also helps build relationship between the brand and the customers. These relationships can promote increase in sales, increase in good feedbacks, and even increase the conversion rate of the business. Maintaining an open line means reaching more people.

Social media is a powerful tool. Using it on your advantage can close many gaps and limitations to your business. Innovate, craft new ideas through research. Maintain a professional relationship with your clients. Bad company review? That’s okay, we can never please everyone. Just make sure to use these honest feedbacks and reviews as an inspiration to be better. Always keep an open mind and always give your 100%, after all, social media won’t be enough to do everything for you. Social media will only supplement some needs of the business, not run it for you. Social media makes

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